Thanks for checking out the blog guys! I'm Nurse Mike

Just so we're not strangers let me give you a little bit of background. I've been a nurse since 2008. It's been great! I've mainly worked in the ICU and ER. Spent most of my time working in Vegas at a Level 2 Trauma Center but moved to Dallas in 2013 to be closer to family. I've recently graduated with my MSN as an Adult Gerontological Acute Care Nurse Practitioner from the University of Texas at Arlington. 

Becoming a nurse was an afterthought for me. It wasn't what I pictured when I was a younger guy. It's funny how things tend to work out. My previous careers included a number of years working as a roughneck on an offshore drilling platform to later working in a paper manufacturing plant in a small Louisiana town. Nursing didn't just change my life. It SAVED my life!

Today I am a strong advocate for men in nursing. There are so many men out there who are just struggling to survive; struggling to provide for their families. Most men don't ever even consider the field of nursing because of the stigma associated with men as nurses. It's my mission to change that. It's my strong belief that we men have much to offer this great profession; and that teaming up with our wonderful female colleagues, we can bring parity to the profession and mirror the diverse populations we serve.

I am somewhat of an achiever. I really enjoy reading, weight-lifting, cycling, boating, blogging and spending time with my wife and 5 sons. I am the Vice President of The American Association of Men In Nursing and the Co-Host of "The Nurse's Station" podcast for the same organization. I enjoy speaking on topics related to nursing, personal development, goal-setting, leadership, parenting, and living your best life.

I look forward to meeting you guys. Connect with me on social media! Oh, and thanks for checking out the blog AND thanks for subscribing and sharing. I love your comments, so be sure to leave me one. I read them all.


"As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another."

-Proverbs 27:17

P.S.-I'm ALWAYS on Twitter. Follow and reach out to me @MichaelWardRN

Michael Ward, MSN, RN, AG-ACNP

AKA "Nurse Mike"


Michael Ward, MSN, RN, AG-ACNP
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