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Have Mursey

December 9, 2016

Statistics say that if you ARE a nurse, you're probably working at the bedside, which is great by the way. With the current nursing shortage and the baby boomer population entering their senior years, bedside nursing's a hotspot. As a Male nurse, you are an asset to any unit, providing many valuable skills that are highly sought after by hospitals all over the world.

However, if you're at the "been there, done that" place in your career and you're ready for a little bit of a change, or maybe a BIG change, man have I got some great news for you! Because you're a dude, in some ways (like them) you have a few certain traits that give you just a little bit of a slight edge to the majority of your female nurse counterparts in certain career...

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Man Up

#YourNextShiftPodcast Interview - Mike Ward
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November 24, 2017

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