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Are You Food Prepping? Here's 5 Tips For The Newbie

Have you seen the latest health craze-food prepping? It is sweeping the health and fitness crowd by storm! It’s actually an incredible idea and can be both very effective if you want to lose weight, bulk up, save a whole lot of time AND save a whole lot of money! If you do it right you can really see some SERIOUS gains.

So, because I’ve been prepping now for about 60 days, I felt that I should share some of the things I’ve run across good and bad and give you guys some helpful tips that will help you get started!

  1. Buy a scale-The reason this is important is because you want to have precise measurements when separating out your food. Counting your macro-nutrients is VERY important to achieving your fitness goals, whether you’re plan is to bulk up or trim down or even just to maintain. Here’s a great scale and the one my wife, Melle, chose for us.

  2. Pick a Day-Find a day during your week that is the slowest. Sundays usually work for most. The reason it’s important to pick a day where you have a lot of time is because it takes A LOT of time to prepare all this great food!

  3. Purchase food the day of-If you purchase the food the day of the meal prep it is SO MUCH easier and convenient. You buy the food, you get home, and it's already all out and ready to go, instead of you buying food one day, putting it ALL away and then pulling it all out on prep day.

  4. Find a Friend-It’s no secret that having an accountability partner will keep you focused. This is true with EVERYTHING and food prepping is no different. Find a friend that wants to food prep with you. They will not only keep you accountable but will also have a lot to add. They will have recipes that you may have not even thought about!

  5. Supplies-This part is really important. You can spend A LOT of money or you can spend a little bit of money. Nowadays you can actually buy disposable

tupperware. We buy ours at Walmart. To give you an idea, you can buy a 4 pack of the perfect size storage containers for under $3. Another necessity I highly recommend is a great food prep bag. Here is the one I chose. It’s very cool and it keeps the food just the right temperature AND it looks awesome (which I think is very important)!

Well, that’s it! I hope these little tips really help you when starting with your meal prepping journey. It’s a whole lot of fun and I must say, I have seen some SERIOUS gains since I started. I also notice that I stay away from junk food, because the only thing

I eat throughout the day is what I put in my bag! :))

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read this post. I value each of you and hope that I’ve been able to give each of you some value. If you have any meal prep tips to add, please post them below. I really think this is a great healthy practice that people everywhere can seriously benefit from. Oh, one more thing, please like and share this post on social media. I’m really excited to get my blog out there to those who are health conscious and are looking for some helpful and healthful information.


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