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YOU Can Make the Difference!

Fellas! I hope you all have had a great week! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is almost here? This year has flown by! I don't know how I did it, but I'm OFF. How about you? Did you get off for Thanksgiving? Christmas?

I have a split family, which means a very large family. Each year we do something a little different. Every other year we usually end up in Houston and stay at my Uncle Mark and Aunt Phebe's house. They're both doctors and have a pretty nice and accommodating spread.

On Thursday morning there's a huge race that takes place near downtown Houston called the Turkey Trot. We all pre-order our race packages and that morning, we go out and run a 5k/10k!

You're probably thinking, "This guy's crazy!", but listen up. I think its a great idea for a couple reasons. First, because I'm going to be REALLY overdoing it on the food the rest of the day. Second, it feels great getting up and moving with five thousand other really healthy, really excited group of people. Third, as a family we enjoy the camaraderie.

Your health is so important. It's unfortunate but most people don't give their health any consideration until it's gone. By then, it's too late. I'd like to challenge each of you to consider your health more closely.

Nurse's should be setting the standard for what a healthy lifestyle is supposed to look like. Unfortunately, that's rarely the case. Most nurses are overweight or obese. It doesn't help that the break rooms are commonly stocked with cakes from a birthday or doughnuts from an appreciative family member.

Combine the ease of tossing back some junk food with VERY little time to take a break in the first place and you have a dangerous combination AND the perfect recipe for weight gain.

MEN, you can make a difference! January 1st is coming up. So many people around the hospitals will be primed for starting a weight loss plan. You can get the party started. Start a walking or running group aimed at getting together once or twice each week. Start an accountability group for those who need their foot held to the fire. Have some meal prep parties throughout the month teaching and encouraging people how to prep their meals in advance so they'll have healthier options to eat or snack on.

Let's get the convo started. Comment below and share what your Thanksgiving traditions look like. I'm looking forward to hearing about them.

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Thanks for taking the time! If I don't hear from you before Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving!


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