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My Top 4 Murse Scrub Brands

What's up with the Murse scrub situation?!

So I'm at the scrub store walking around like Ponce De Leon trying to find the Men's Scrubs. I'm surrounded by a sea of multi-colored scrubs in every kind of fashion and cut and style...for women. Literally from wall to wall there are THOUSANDS of scrubs in this store.

Anyway, I finally make my way to a small corner in the back of the store near the door only employees can go through when they need to retrieve more inventory or use the restroom...you know the door. FINALLY next to the skeleton of the guy who died from dehydration and hunger I found a rack of scrubs that was labeled "Men".

On this rack there were two brands of scrubs with outdated cuts that when tried on make you look like you've made a set of scrubs out of a potato sack. Among these two brands of scrubs there were a total of 4 colors, none of which I'm allowed to wear at my hospital. So, onto store number 3 for the day.

So, why not just order scrubs online? Well, I've done that before (and still do from time to time) but most times, I never get the right fit. As a bodybuilder I have a weird shaped body. Because of this, pants never fit the way the matching tops of the same size would. Also, as any nurse knows, NO scrubs brand fits the same as another. This is specifically the case with Murse scrubs.

If you're a new nurse you might be wondering why this happens and why scrub stores aren't spending more time and attention accommodating us dudes?! Well, the answer is simple. The nursing profession predominantly consists of women (90% women vs 10% men). Although the tide is certainly starting to turn and men are increasingly joining the profession, we will have to deal with this situation for quite a few years longer. Until then, we'll have to keep on persevering through the scrub dilemma.

There are some pretty cool scrub brands out there that make some pretty decent Men's scrubs. I've included 4 great scrub brands below I think you guys will like. Fit Nurses pay close attention to the first option...

-Benefit Medical Apparel is a relatively new contender in the Male Scrub category but I like what I'm seeing so far. I went ahead and made an order just today since they just got the colors that my hospital allows. So I'll keep you guys updated. Since they're only online, I did have to order online, which means I'll probably have to exchange the sizes I bought. That's okay though, I'm used to it now. Check out the pics I've included here so you can see what they're about.

-Figs is another great brand of scrub out there for the Murse population. These scrubs look AMAZING! However, their colors are pretty limited. If you have a pretty relaxed scrub policy at your hospital, these are a great brand of scrubs.

-Grey's Anatomy brand scrubs are a great option. They have quite a variety of styles and colors. They're also pretty comfortable too! I've owned a pair of these before I started lifting and I loved'em.

-Carhartt has been a trusted men's scrub brand for as long as I've been a nurse. These things are SERIOUSLY durable. Carhartt is known for its high quality clothing, specifically in "blue collar" work. When I worked as a Roughneck in the oilfield all I wore was Carhartt work clothes. I love'em.

Well, that's it guys! If there are a pair of scrubs out there you just can't live without, I'd love to know about'em. Considering that we spend a third of our lives in scrubs, it makes sense to get the scrubs that we feel good in and look good in. Comment below if you don't mind so everybody else can know about'em too.

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Thanks fellas!


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