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10 Badass Male Nurse Jobs Beyond The Bedside

Statistics say that if you ARE a nurse, you're probably working at the bedside, which is great by the way. With the current nursing shortage and the baby boomer population entering their senior years, bedside nursing's a hotspot. As a Male nurse, you are an asset to any unit, providing many valuable skills that are highly sought after by hospitals all over the world.

However, if you're at the "been there, done that" place in your career and you're ready for a little bit of a change, or maybe a BIG change, man have I got some great news for you! Because you're a dude, in some ways (like them) you have a few certain traits that give you just a little bit of a slight edge to the majority of your female nurse counterparts in certain career positions. For this reason, I wanted to let you all in on some really cool nursing careers that you may not even know exist.

I've included 10 nursing jobs below that will definitely get you away from the bedside. Under each description I've included links to that particular job that can give you more information if you'd like to look more into it. The links are just that...links. I've no affiliation nor do I get anything when or if anything comes of you clicking on them. They're what I ran across while doing research for this post. (Just thought you should know :))

Here we go:

1. Flight Nurse-If you're gonna work in critical care, why not do it among the clouds?! Flight nursing has always intrigued me. It's not for everybody, but if you like having A LOT of autonomy and you're somewhat of an adrenalin junky, flight nursing may be right up your alley. As with every job, there will be challenges, but it sounds like the benefits far outweigh the risks. Don't just think you can slide right into a flight nurse position, however. Most companies want you to have 2-4 years ICU/ER experience. Combine that with the job competitiveness, you're going to have to plan ahead. If you've really got your heart set on it, I say go for it! You only live once and there's no reason you should NOT pursue your dreams of being a flight nurse if that's what you want. DO IT!

Wanna become a flight nurse, click here for info on how to do it.

Click here for a scholarly article on flight nursing I saved just for you.

2. Offshore Nurse-Many of you may already know (because I've mentioned it in my blog before) that I used to be a roughneck on offshore drilling rigs. It was a great job, a dangerous job, but a great job. HOWEVER, the coolest job on the rigs were always the Offshore Nurse jobs! These guys got to run the show, in the medical sense. They had protocols they followed, but all in all they were the ones that got it done, medically speaking. Offshore nurses are the only medical personnel on the rigs and most of the time there were only 1 or 2 of them.

Offshore nurses treat injuries and illnesses that occur while on the rig. If the injuries are bad enough, the nurse will stabilize the patient until medical help by helicopter or boat arrives to get them. These guys were also required to hold weekly safety inspections and meetings for the day and night crews. Most times, nurses are out there on the rigs for 2 weeks at a time, but are also off for 2 weeks at a time. AND THE MONEY...WHOA! It's good.

Sound interesting? Click here for more info.

3. Military Nurse-Ever considered the military? I did and if it would've gone as I had planned at the time I'd be an Air Force Nurse this very moment. To make a long story short, it didn't work out. But for you, becoming a military nurse could be a game-changer. Talkin about adrenalin rush, military nurses often work in war zones alongside other military personnel.

You could even be a nurse in the Navy Seals if you're ambitious enough, doing some off the grid type $%#! Check out the video below and click the link here to learn more about becoming a military nurse.

4. Correctional Facility Nurse-Some people may feel like working in a prison is like living in a prison, except you get to leave at night. However, for some nurses out there, there's nothing like it! Imagine being locked behind bars with criminal offenders of the worse sort. This is everyday life for the correctional facility nurse. These guys (and girls) attend to all types of medical issues, keeping us outside the prison walls safe from having to transport these guys to hospitals, where they could potentially escape.

Because of the type of people the correctional nurse has to deal with on a day to day basis, male nurses make great candidates! Here's the link to learn more about becoming a Correctional Facility Nurse.

5. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Nurse Practitioner-YEP! They need Nurses and they need them badly. If you are thinking maybe you'd like to become a nurse practitioner, I can't think of any other job that could be more badass than this one!

If I told you about it, I'd probably have to kill you. So, instead I'll let the CIA.Gov website do all the talking for me. Here's the link. Read through the job description and if that doesn't get you excited, there's no hope for you.

6. Cruise Ship Nurse-Ahoy matey! If you'd like to live on vacation I can't think of too many better ways than being a nurse on a cruise ship. Imagine traveling the seven seas, checking out the sites and attractions at all the Port of Calls you find yourself. Now, its not all wine and roses here. You actually have to do some work. Most of the time you're looking at around 12 hour long shifts, but you get some time off and even get to do some exploring when you're on location.

Check out this video powerpoint on Cruise Ship Nursing:

Being a cruise ship nurse is awesome, but this small little detail might knock the wind out of your sails. You'll have to stay out on the ship for MONTHS at a time. That's not a bad situation though if you're not having to leave family behind. Check out more about cruise ship nursing here and see if it floats your boat.

7. Nurse Paralegal-My favorite court movie of all time was either "My Cousin Vinny" or "A Time To Kill". I love movies that take place in a courtroom. Can you think of any more? What about "Devils Advocate" or that Matt Damon movie where he's fresh out of law school and bankrupts an insurance company? Anyway, if you like those kinds of movies, you might be interested to know that being a Nurse Paralegal is a real thing!

If you choose this career, you'll be consulted on every case that involves a medical issue, which is like ALL of them, right?? You would spend the majority of your time in the courtroom or interviewing people with medical complaints, etc. Sounds like a really cool job and FAR from the bedside. Here's a link that might give you motive to pursue a career as a Nurse Paralegal.

8. Infusion Nurse-About 3 years ago I was working from home and chose to pick up a little part time gig as an infusion nurse. I had no idea what the job would entail, but I knew the money was good and the hours were on my terms. It really was cool. I would check in with the company I was to infuse medications for on a weekly basis. I would tell them when I was going to work and they would schedule my visits. Once I arrived at the patients house, I would access a port or a PICC line. Administer IVIG, which takes a few hours. During the infusion, I'd work on making meal plans or workouts for my health coaching clients or do some nutritional counseling over the phone or internet. It was GRAVY!

Now, all infusion companies may be a little different. However, if you're ready for some autonomy and some freedom to make your own hours, Infusion Nursing might be your thing! Here's a little info.

9. Telehealth Nurse-Did I mention how awesome nursing is?! Opportunities are everywhere...even at home. There are literally millions of people who'd love the flexibility of working from home. It's not solely a man's job, but it's so awesome I felt like I HAD to include it here.

Most telehealth nurse jobs require you to be at your computer and phone 8 hours a day. Not a bad gig since you're at you

r home, or on the beach, or on a boat, or in a different country. Are you smellin what I'm steppin in? It literally allows you to live anywhere in the world, as long as your home-base is in the U.S.. Most of the telehealth jobs can be found through insurance companies. However, there are also tele-triage nurse positions where you answer people's health questions (you have a computer database of data to help give them the answers they're looking for).

Click this link for more info.

Click here for a scholarly article I saved here for you on Telehealth Nursing

10. Travel Nurse-I've been a nurse for almost a full decade now and I've dabbled in a lot of different things. My most favorite thing was travel nursing. I really enjoyed traveling around while nurse travel agencies picked up the tab. This isn't always away from the bedside, but it could be, depending on the position you choose when traveling abroad.

I could talk for quite awhile about travel nursing, but I recently did a whole blog post dedicated to it. So I'll just link back to it so you can get a lot of the great info I put out there.

Click here for the info!

I hope this helps you guys out there looking for a little bit more of an adventure in your nursing career. There are A LOT of other great options out there too. Remember, being a nurse doesn't mean you're trapped at the bedside. There's lots of cool stuff out there you could get your hands into. I didn't even mention school nursing, home health nursing, occupational health nursing, hydration nursing (think casinos), nurse entrepreneurship (which I am doing a post on really soon).

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read this stuff. I enjoy it! I hope you enjoy reading it. I want to leave you with some wise words I first heard when I became a nurse entrepreneur myself, "If you can dream it, you can do it!" This life is much too short to feel stuck. I wish all of you guys huge success.

I wouldn't mind you sharing this post with your friends on FB or Twitter or LinkedIn AND I certainly wouldn't mind if you'd comment below of some other nursing jobs you've had away from the bedside. Let's all work together and create an awesome community of Murses working together accomplishing greatness together.

Together In Health,

Nurse Mike

"You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness."

-Zig Ziglar

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