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What makes you pruritic (itch)?

It's soooo easy to get wrapped up in work, staff meetings, family, friends, church, chores, etc. but what are you doing for YOU personally? What get's you going? Far too often we get so wrapped up in life that we forget to take care of ourselves in this capacity. It's important.

For me it's working out and running 5k races. I love it! When I'm in the gym I'm in the zone. I have an hour or two devoted to me where I get to decompress, think, sweat and achieve. When I run a race it's not just the race that I love. It's getting up early and getting to the starting line and hanging out with others who, like me, take their health serious. The camaraderie experienced with other racers on race day is exhilarating.

Tinsley and Tinsley (1986) theorized that "the gratification of individuals psychological needs through leisure experiences has a salutary effect on their mental and physical health, life satisfaction and psychological development." This means that participating in activities you enjoy provides A LOT of benefits. Hey, life is stressful. Take some YOU time! You deserve it. Tinsley and Eldredge (1995) demonstrated that YOU time plays an important role in "needs gratification".

So I'll ask you again, what makes you itch? What is it that you absolutely love to do for you? If you've been busy for so long you don't even know anymore, it's time to do some experimenting. I want to challenge you to do something for you at least once each week until you find out what it is that you love. Hey, you and I know how much nursing can take out of you. Make the time.



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Tinsley, H. E., & Tinsley, D. J. (1986). A theory of the attributes, benefits, and causes of leisure experience. Leisure sciences, 8(1), 1-45.

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